In September 2018 the club had its first championships which was held in Wooroloo, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. The competitors consisted of 29 horse and rider teams throughout all divisions that competed for the top spot to win themselves a championships buckle!  

In 2019 we aim to have a bigger and better championships with Prizes, Ribbons, Cash prices and custom-made West Coast Cowboys Buckles to be won!  

The Champion of each division will win themselves a custom-made West Coast Cowboys buckle, Winners ribbon and a cash prize. The second and third placing in each division will also get themselves a Ribbon and cash prize but no buckle. There will also be some prizes given out on the day.  

To gain an invitation into the championships you must be a member of West Coast Cowboys and compete in at least 3 events though out the year to gain an invitation. From every point event your points will be tallied up and the top 3 of each division will gain an entry into the championships. The points are individual to each horse and rider team, for example if you have 2 horses you have 2 teams or yourself and a friend ride one horse, you still have 2 teams.  However, at championships the horse cannot compete in the same division twice.  


Second Chance Race! 

If you have not made it through to the championships, you can compete in the second chance race! This will be held just prior to the Championships, dates are yet to be confirmed.  

To be able to enter into the second chance race you must have competed at least 3 times throughout the year but not made the first top 3. You will enter your team in the second chance race within the division/s you have been racing throughout the year. The top 3 from each division in this race will be able to compete in the championships, if you enter in 2 different divisions you can only accept one. 


Wild Card Entry!

There will be one Wild card entry race that will allow any horse and rider team the chance to be in the championships. This will be held prior to the championships, Date yet to be confirmed.  

For the wild card entry you do not have to race 3 times throughout the year with your horse and rider team but you do have to be a member of West Coast Cowboys.