Unfortunately due to COVID-19 there will be no championships in 2020.

West Coast Cowboys has had 2 amazing annual championships and plan to have another championship event in 2021.

To gain an invitation into the championships you must be a member of West Coast Cowboys and compete in at least 1 points event throughout the year to gain an invitation. From every points event your points will be tallied up and the top 3 of each division are invited to attend championships. The points are individual to each horse and rider team, for example if you have 2 horses you have 2 teams or yourself and a friend ride one horse, you still have 2 teams. However, the horse cannot compete in the same division twice.
Other alternatives for entry into the championships is through a Second Chance Run or Wild Card Entry events. Watch for more details next year about these events.  

In 2018 & 2019 we had championship event’s with roughly 30 different horse and rider teams each year who battled it out for their divisions championship buckle! The top 3 in each divisions were also awarded prize money and in 2019 they also had prizes awarded to them as well buy some amazing sponsors that helped the club through out the year!

If you’d like to know more about our annual championships, please contact us!